99 Year Old WW2 B17 Pilot

Dick Nelms is a 99 year former B17 pilot from WW2 at RAF Rattlesden, who completed the maximum 35 missions over Europe, including, but not limited to, Berlin, Munich, and the Normandy campaign.

These photos were recently taken at the Seattle Museum of Flight where, every Saturday, he stands beside a B17 and proudly, and accurately, provides stories and insights into WW2.
Over 95% of his journeys to the Museum of Flight are undertaken by Muscles for Charity volunteers.

The above photo shows Dick being totally surprised by an invitation from Captain Churchill to enjoy a 40 minute flight in a WW2 B17 over the Seattle area.

The below photos show 35 retired military personnel, known as the ‘Detail Mafia” who voluntarily clean military air planes across the States, including Air Force One.
The ‘Detail Mafia’ recently spent a week at the Museum of Flight and presented Dick with, among other items, one of their shirts.

Dick Nelms and amazing gentleman who is looking forward to his 100th birthday in February 2023.

Muscles project number – 445
Total voluntary hours – 17374

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