Garden Tidy for a Retired Cop

During the mid-July mini-heatwave that saw temperatures in the UK soaring to over 30 degrees, Clive, Bernie and Phil spent a morning in the Ipswich garden of retired couple Jane and Barry.

Recent mobility issues had prevented the couple from being able to complete a few of the maintenance jobs that would previously have been no problem for them, so Muscles volunteers stepped in to help.

Barry, a now-long-retired detective with the local constabulary, and Jane, a long-serving committee member of the National Association of Retired Police Officers (NARPO) have generously given their own time to assist with the welfare of others over the years, so it was a pleasure for the team to be able to help repay them in this way.

Within a couple of hours of arrival, the weeding had been completed, furniture assembled, decking cleaned and shrubs pruned, leaving the garden ready for the pair to enjoy the rest of the summer.

Jane said, ‘You’ve made such a difference. We just couldn’t manage it ourselves this year. Thank you very much’.

Muscles project number – 443

Total voluntary hours – 17160

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