Path and Patio Construction and Fence Painting

On the unbelievably mild and sunny morning of Saturday 22 October, fourteen team members assembled at a central Ipswich location to complete the long-anticipated garden work that had been ‘won’ at the Ipswich Hospital Baby Bereavement Support Group charity auction way back in May.

Several of the previous days had seen torrential rain in the area but the only thing that drew upward attention on this occasion was the unmistakably distinctive engine note of a Spitfire aircraft passing across the clear blue sky above the house.

Our host, Tom, had very helpfully completed much of the ground preparation work the previous day, single-handedly lifting and moving the very heavy modern paving slabs that made up the existing path, and digging out an area for the new patio to be laid.

The team quickly split into several work groups, each taking responsibility for different aspects: laying the patio, laying the path, painting the fence or mixing and transporting the cement.

Several hours, and lots of tea, coffee and bacon rolls later, the job was complete.

The new footpath looked tremendous , much more in keeping with the age of the house. The recycled footpath slabs made a great new patio, and the fence in its new shade of grey will be protected for years to come.

Overall, a really enjoyable project for the team, completed for a brilliant family group who made a very generous donation to this immensely caring charity; Ipswich Hospital Baby Bereavement Support Group.

Muscles project number – 447
Total voluntary hours – 17461

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