Ipswich Shed Base

On a day that started and ended with grey, overcast skies, interspersed with bouts of drizzle, nine members of the Muscles team gathered at the Ipswich home of Peter and Rita to construct a heavy-duty shed base.

Despite the slightly inclement weather, all went well, with team members adopting cement-mixing, wheelbarrowing or slab-lifting duties, and the base was laid really quickly, thanks in the main, once again, to the expert eye and slab-laying skills of our tame builder, Steve.

The recycled Council paving slabs were particularly heavy, taking three people to lower carefully into position once Steve had created a level base for them to sit upon.

Oh, how we laughed when the level wasn’t quite right and we had to lift them again!

The hosts ensured the team was well fed and watered throughout the morning and, with thanks for the work completed, have made a generous donation to St. Elizabeth Hospice, Ipswich.

Muscles project number – 449
Total voluntary hours – 17580

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