Tongerlo Abbey Tour 2022

After a long time away, in September 2022 a small team from the UK MFC faction ventured over the channel to visit the Belgian team for some hard work at Tongerlo Abbey, plenty of drinks at the cabin and laughter all the way.

The job was similar to previous years, with the combined taskforce of UK & Belgian Muscles helping the monastary by pruning ivy in the Da Vinchi garden and clearing lots of weeds and fallen branches.

The team was once again rewarded by an impressive lunch and some of the abbey’s infamous beer.

Despite some less than ideal weather, the team pushed through the cold and wet to finish the job.

After all freshening up, the team regrouped at the cabin to enjoy a performance by the legendary Black Capris, more refreshements and some great company.

Muscles project number – 448
Total voluntary hours – 17551

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