Muscles for Charity annual insurance covers volunteers for non hazardous activity and public liability courtesy of Zurich Insurance until 11th August 2019.


Policy Number: P/ 01/ 38402156 / XAO:27T0010013
Renewal Date: 11th August 2019
Limits of Indemnity: Public Liability: £5,000,000 any one event
Products Liability: £5,000,000 for all claims in the aggregate during and one period of insurance
Pollution Liability: As per Products Liability
Excess: Public Liability: Nil any one claim
Products Liability: Nil any one claim
Pollution Liability: Nil any one claim
Indemnity to Principals
Covers include a standard Indemnity to Principals Clause in respect of contractual obligations.

Full details of Insurance cover is available  by contacting Muscles co-founder, Bernie Morgan, who is in possession of the 133 page policy document at

North America

Insurance cover in the United States and Canada is negotiated with the recipient of the Muscles actvity and normally covered by the insurance policy of the benefiting registered charity or housholder.