Canada 2013

Muscles salutes Sandy Bosma for her outstanding services to Nursing in Canada in general and Vancouver’s Children’s Hospital in particular during a period of 40 years. Sandy retired from Nursing on Saturday 28th December 2013, but not from the Muscles team of volunteers.

selection of John's photos119

Congratulations Sandy (pictured above with the other ‘Mad Canadian’ – Sharron Lyons) and best wishes for the future.

2 Responses to Canada 2013

  1. Martha says:

    Thank you for this latte we are about to receive…and please may there be a Starbucks on the safari.

  2. Sandy Bosma says:

    thanks for the salute and wishes.
    actually I am retired as of Jan 31st 2014 – had a great vacation for the month of January so only did a few shifts – now on to sleeping in and doing all the things I didn’t have time for before

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