Inspire Suffolk Silent Auction 2022

Muscles For Charity is a team of volunteers who share specific skills (construction, woodwork, tree surgery, general garden work etc.) to complete projects which benefit registered charities.

Tonight, you are bidding on one of these projects, which could be any number of ideas such as; garden clearance, panel fencing, paving, landscaping and painting.

The scale of your proposed project needs to be appropriate for the team, so please talk to our representative George Bentley, who will be there for the event. He is running the photobooth but is always available for questions.

All proceeds of this silent auction go directly to Inspire Suffolk. The successful bidder will be responsible for supplying their own materials, however Muscles For Charity has a large inventory of tools which can be used.


  • Muscles For Charity will begin completing jobs again in March 2023, so the job will be booked sometime after that.
  • All members of Muscles for Charity are volunteers, donating their time, expertise and commitment at no cost and personally absorbing any travel costs.
  • Muscles for Charity never handle any money.
  • Liability insurance cover is essential.  In the UK Muscles for Charity has independent liability cover for all team members. See the ‘About Muscles for Charity’ page for details of our current insurance policy. 
  • Muscles for Charity is committed to meeting expectations and a representative of the team will always visit the project site and discuss the proposed work at the earliest opportunity.
  • Muscles for Charity will undertake to complete the project at any time within twelve months of the date of the original auction, however in this case we aim to complete before March 2024.