UK 2010

The UK based Muscles team demonstrated their commitment, enthusiasm and energy throughout 2010, and contributed to Muscles projects in Austria, Belgium and the United States.

The selection of pictures in this photo gallery provide a reminder of the fun, hardwork and customer satisfaction that underlined every one of dozen jobs in the UK during the year.

These included the partnership at Queens Road, Felixstowe which featured community volunteers, school children and the Muscles team in transforming a large lawned area into a vegetable, flower and insect environment. This seven month project also introduced a JCB, pre-mixed cement mixer and ‘Grab lorry’ to the Muscles armoury for the first time.

During the year the team built patios, erected fences, cleared gardens, painted the inside of houses, removed trees, undertook repairs and assisted a variety 90 (+) year old citizens, rotarians, hospices and contributed to the milestone of passing 8,000 voluntary hours.

Thanks to everyone for your outstanding contributions.
Enjoy the 2010 pictures.

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