UK 2012

The UK Muscles team started 2012 repairing a garden fence at Martlesham Heath.  Their combined efforts raised the total number of hours for all Muscles volunteers to 9,600 (not including travel).

It was anticipated that the overall total will exceed 10,000 hours during the summer and Kesgrave Community Centre was reserved for Sunday 16th September 2012 to celebrate his amazing milestone.

Please scroll to the bottom of this page for additional pictures from the UK 10,000 hours celebration at Kesgrave Community Centre on 16th September .

The US/Canadian celebration of 10,000 voluntary hours included this guy !

To the complete amazement of everyone, especially the ‘Brit’ contingent at the celebrations, Steve Kent was ‘smuggled’ across the US border from Vancouver, Canada (with every assistance from the ‘Mad Canadians’). ‘Gobsmacked’ can be an overused phrase, but in the circumstances it was entirely appropriate.  Glenna, Phil and Bish greeted his arrival with incredulity.  A cunningly conceived and well implemented ‘gotcha’ set the scene and provided Steve with his first opportunity to work alongside Muscles volunteers from across Washington State, Colorado and Canada.   Nice one, Steve.

A selection of photos of the US/Canadian celebration are available on the Muscles – USA (2012) page.

April. – Welcome new volunteers – Richard Crabtree and Nic Bentley

If you think Richard and Nic look confused, its hardly surprising.

After 287 projects this is the first time that any member of the team has witnessed a Bernie Safety briefing.

Summer – the first stage of installing permanent storage for Muscles equipment.

A suitable site has been identified for the erection of a permanent storage facility for Muscles equipment – from tools to cement mixer. The preparation and construction of a concrete base were captured by Phil’s camera.

Spring and summer 2012

Felixstowe Sea Front – wet, windy and cool – a typical English summer. Every Saturday (and Sunday) morning a Muscle’s member – known as the ‘Queen of Tat’, donates time and energy to raise money for the UK ‘Muscles Team Fund’.    Car Boot sales are the target and Sarah Townsend is the team member making weekly donations to the ‘Tool Fund’ administered by Bernie Morgan.    Thanks to the team members who donate either items and/or their time to assist Sarah, and sincere appreciation to Sarah for her expertise, determination, humour and hard work that have contributed hundreds of pounds to the teams ‘Tool Fund’

Great job Sarah.

UK Muscles 10,000 voluntary hours celebration – September 2012

Details were first published on the September 2012 website ‘homepage’.              These are additional pictures from the celebration at Kesgrave.

Thanks to Phil Boswell for the photographs, and Ridgeons, Martlesham Heath for the significant discount associatedwith the purchase of the team’s cement mixer.

November 2012 – extra finance for the ‘Tool Fund’                                               Sarah’s (very alcoholic) Christmas cake raises even more money for the teams ‘Tool Fund’. The winner of the fabulous cake was Ralph Robertson, who identifed the weight as 8lb 3oz. (The closest to the actual weight of  7lb 15 ozs). Congratulations to Ralph (pictured below) and Sarah, and another £60 for the teams Tool Fund.

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