UK 2016

The UK Muscles team contributed almost 700 voluntary hours during 2016.

The final project, in mid December, featured ‘the Dirty Dozen’ as they prepared the rear garden of a Woodbridge home in preparation for a New Year landscaping project.

Visit the following link, and be amazed how fast the team completed the job –  and don’t forget to turn the sound up !!


On 29th October, twelve team members completed a garden makeover for an Ipswich widow and helped push the total number of voluntary hours contributed by Muscles for Charity volunteers above 14,000.  The team also featured another father and son duo.


Simon and Craig Grew.

The Grew’s worked along side Nick and Jodie Bentley and Adam and Rachel Osborne, father and daughter combinations, and helped demonstrate the exciting future for Muscles for Charity.


September in Grange Farm, Kesgrave and UK and Belgium volunteers salute a gift from Muscles volunteers in Spokane, WA, USA during a garden make-over project.


A perfectly designed and operated ‘gotcha’ (courtesy of Phil Boswell) totally caught Bish while he was clearing the attic. Involving the ‘appearance’ of the Spokane, USA based Gnome hidden among clothing and household accessories in the furthest corner of the crowded attic. Embarrassing video available at !!

The future of Muscles for Charity (UK) – George and Rachel – help trim shrubbery for a local pensioner during the three garden makeover.




Alan Seaman and Alan ‘The Brewer’ join Rachel during a refreshment break.


The summer edition of ‘Constables County’, published by Suffolk Police features an article on Muscles for Charity.


In memoriam


Maxine skydiving 2

Muscles team members were deeply touched by Maxine Gould’s amazing spirit as she faced end of life challenges, summed up in her own words, “I am a daughter of Caribbean immigrants, I am 50 years young, I am a mother to my beautiful daughter, I am a sister, I am a registered nurse, I am a friend. I have terminal cancer and I am still me” .

Maxine dealt with her end of life issues in a way that acted as an inspiration to everyone, and despite regular and increasing periods of hospitalisation, her determination to enjoy every moment was reflected by a recent sky diving experience in early 2016.

Sadly, Maxine departed this life at Ipswich Hospice in July 2016. Her unquechable spirit and determination to enjoy every life moment represented a shining example for everyone and especially the Muscles team members who completed a number of projects at her Ipswich home.   Visit the following pages to view a selection of projects completed for Maxine.

Maxine’s Just Giving page its


George Bentley (pictured alongside Nick) represents the next generation of Muscles volunteers and has contributed to a considerable number of projects in the last two years.

DSC_0014.jpeg - Copy

George is part of a Sixth Form project that is fundraising to travel to Zambia, South Africa in July 2017. Here he will participate in a project in the province of Livingstone to help a community expand their facilities, for example, previous groups have built accommodation for the elderly and disabled or constructed play equipment for children at school. He will be staying with locals in tents and working hard to help the community.

George says “It is an amazing opportunity to travel so far to help people less fortunate than myself. The children in most towns don’t have play equipment, the elderly and disabled don’t have a roof over their heads and living conditions could be improved – hence why we chose this cause”

The project will take place and be completed during two weeks in July 2017. The benefits that the community will gain from the project will keep giving for many years after it has been completed.

Can you help his mother – Deanna – raise 2650 to Go to Zambia and expand a community’s facilities?.

Donations are welcomed at their JustGiving Crowdfunding page:

UPDATE APRIL 2016.   Generous contributions from family and friends have secured George’s Zambia adventure in 2016.  Deanna, George and the family are delighted and thank everyone who contributed to the JustGiving webpage.



On behalf of Muscles for Charity, Bernie Morgan continues to make very regular trips to TWAM with copious amounts of old tools. Bernie’s hard work and dedication was the subject of a May 2016 letter of appreciation from  the Chief Executive of TWAM, Mike Griffin.

I have pleasure in enclosing the Summer version of TWAM news. In it you will find stories from Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia. I was particularly impressed with Daniel’s story and the inspiration that the gift of a carpenters made to his life. 

(Note – visit the TWAM story on the Muscles home page dated 11th June 2016 which features pictures of Bernie and Daniel)

So can I say a huge thank you for your support.  It means so much to us to have such generous and dedicated supporters. I hope as you read the stories in TWAM News you will see what an amazing difference you are making to so many lives.    Thank you.

Mike Griffin.  Chief Executive, Tools With a Mission.