UK 2018

Muscles volunteers from Belgium, the UK and the USA gathered at the magnificent wood beamed Barrandov opera house set in glorious Suffolk countryside on Easter Saturday, 31st March, for the Muscles ‘Wedding of the Year’ featuring team members Beckie and Steve Kent. The historic former barn is part of a 200 acre family arable farm.Wedding Steve and BeckieIn addition to celebrating the joyous occasion, with over a hundred invited guests, Muscles volunteers performed Alan Seamans specially written version of the ‘MFC song’.

Wedding MFC team edited


Saturday 7th April, while Steve and Beckie enjoyed their honeymoon, several team members returned to ‘Muscles’ action, including ‘East End Ed’ – rechristened Dave ! Ed and his shirtThe volunteers also welcomed, Boz Junior from Cheshire as the Boswell brothers made up 16% of the team for a shed project in Kesgrave.  Boz JnrThe rebuildFinishing stages


Saturday 12th May 2018 was a Landmark day for Muscles for Charity, with the UK team at forefront contributing 117 voluntary hours to the overall total of 15,100 hours. 


Additional comments from Phil,
In the pics, you’ll see the father and son team of Simon and Craig made a great job of repairing the broken panel fence – and Elaine did a similarly good job with the picket fence.
We all know from previous experience how hard it is digging in to and levelling a sloping garden – and,though this wasn’t the same degree of slope as we experienced all those years ago at the doctors house, there was lots to do here and we ended up filling the Ford Transit flat-back truck three times during the course of the day.
MFC the alley way
The job was made particularly difficult because all of the soil had to be ‘barrowed down the back alleyway to the closest point we could park the truck, then run up a ramp and onto its back.
MFC Thirsty work adam and Dave
It was hard, thirsty work, so much so that Adam and Nick had to come back later with additional supplies.
steve with back brace
Finally a word about Steve, who once again, was brilliant. His skills are superb and give us confidence to tackle projects like this, knowing that we can deliver a quality result’.
Thanks to Phil for the photographs, and being the ‘absent’ volunteer in the group shot.
August 2018 – Copies of Rotary Newsletter featuring the Chantry project, notably the final stages in Phase 2, click on the links below
There’s also the June ‘Muscles Mates’ jobs – but what happened to Big Kev?


Clearing the front garden at Chez Farnworth, required a small and dedicated team (including Rich Crabtree not in the photo). Interested to know who/what/how Big Kev sustained his injury – e-mail him at
Its not just big jobs that provide reassurance and pleasure for our clients.
Phil and Bernie, assisted by Rob Soames, became ‘Removals Incorporated’ on Saturday 19th May when they removed furniture to ‘Foxhall Tip’ for a delighted Ipswich lady.