The global pandemic brings Muscles for Charity activity to a halt, but members of the US team pitch in to help a colleague prepare for a harsh winter.

Chehalis is a community of approximately 7,000 people situated in beautiful rolling and wooded countryside either side of Interstate 5 midway between Seattle, WA and Portland, OR.

Responding to a Chehalis based team members concerns about a potentially harsh winter and possible problems with the roof and surrounding five acres of garden, shrubs and trees, five volunteers traveled to Barbara’s home in November 2020.

Glenna and Frank examined, cleared and cleaned the roof, Judy, Joie, Barbara and Amy cleared the bird houses and pathways, pruned fig trees, bushes and small trees close to the house, while Frank and Bish took responsibility for the fencing situation.

Barbara was delighted with the teams efforts and the offer – quickly accepted – to arrange for a larger Muscles team to return in the Spring of 2021 to complete the fencing project and additional garden jobs.

Special thanks to Barbara for a special lunch – especially her delicious home made soup.

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MFC donate PPE to Ipswich Doctor’s surgery

MFC was happy to answer the call from an Ipswich doctor’s surgery who were running in short supply of face masks for their staff and are struggling to source any more.

Pictured below are Doctor Zoe and Nurse Practitioner Tabby who were delighted to receive MFC’s donation of 50 masks on behalf of their GP surgery.



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Muscles (UK) Team complete garden clearance

It was great weather, considering how wet and cold it has been recently, and there was never the slightest doubt of needing to bring the fall-back date into play. Typical, really, of how lucky we have been over the years on Muscles Saturdays.
Twelve volunteers donated a total of 36 hours labour on behalf of our customer, Liz, who together with her sister, Sandra, kept the team very well fed and watered with tea, coffee, muffins, cakes, and bacon sandwiches.

Liz and Sandra were both hugely appreciative of Muscles’ efforts and will be making donations to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and the British Heart Foundation in respect of our efforts.


Muscles project number – 426                                                                                                           Total voluntary hours – 16,495
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First Job of 2020!

On Saturday 18 January, four MFC volunteers attended ’Shedquarters’ and completed necessary maintenance work that had resulted when recent storms had ripped the felt from the roof, saturated the boards underneath and caused water ingress.

The roof of the shed was lifted off, discarded and replaced with new materials that will hopefully see us through the next few years.

Whilst there, the gardening tools were sorted out and tidied – with some being put aside for donation to Tools With A Mission – and the shed was treated with a couple of
additional coats of water-based stain.
Muscles project number – 425                                                                                                           Total voluntary hours – 16,459
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Festive, end of the decade, greetings from Muscles for Charity.



The usually very serious team of professionals decide to take time off and show their elfish side. The founder members of ‘Muscles for Charity‘, (choreographed by the world renowned Bernie Morgan), morphed into Santa’s little helpers to show some amazing moves which are unlikely to be repeated – unless assisted by copious amounts of alcoholic beverage !!






Enjoy watching ‘some of the oldies’ in the festive movie by visiting  –

(Muscles for Charity is not responsible for any advertising associated with the You Tube link.)   During the last decade Muscles for Charity has grown from nine volunteers and 16 completed projects in 1998/9 to 434 projects and over a hundred members. Special thanks to everyone for their enthusiasm and commitment.

Recognised and respected internationally, with teams in the UK, Belgium, Canada and the USA, we are proud of our motto and tradition of ‘Never handling any money’.  

Happy Christmas and all the very best for 2020 from the whole Muscles for Charity team.




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Last job of the decade – UK team returns to Sudborne

An overcast late November morning in the village of Sudborne (Suffolk) was soon brightened up by the visit of 11 volunteers led by Adam Osborne to set about a garden makeover.


The recipient of the makeover was Kate Lacey, who in addition to wanting an autumnal tidy up, requested a brick plinth to be built to display a large ornamental pot.


A base and carefully crafted brickwork soon took pride of place in the garden having been overseen by Muscles for Charity brickwork consultant Steve Kent, chief cutter Adam Osborne and ‘handy with spade’, Ian Bishop.


Elsewhere in the garden hedges were re-shaped and managed, trees and shrubs cropped, pond cleared and trellis erected. The collection of leaves completed the skip load.


The team were joined by new volunteers Nicola Greenfield and Peter Krolik who were welcomed and introduced to Kate’s amazing lemon drizzle cake over tea break and a sumptuous lunch.  (It’s not a prerequisite of all recipients of MFC jobs but it certainly keeps the team going)


The volunteer’s time converted into donations to The Woodbridge Solider’s Fund, to assist a young man raising money to join an expedition to Africa and two other good causes (update awaits).

Muscles project number – 424                                                                                                           Total voluntary hours – 16,439


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Driveway job benefits St Elizabeth’s Hospice (UK Team)

A mild and dry late October day in Ipswich saw 7 Muscle volunteers descend on the house of Elaine’s daughter, Charlotte’s house to dig out a driveway in preparation for block paving.


Also assisting were Charlotte’s boyfriend Ricky and friends Debra and June.
As a Muscles supporter, Charlotte is aware of the hard work ethic and good-humored antics of the team.


Some 4 hours and several tons of earth moving and concrete breaking later and the driveway was transformed, fuelled by bacon rolls and muffins!


As a result of the sweat expended by all involved the St Elizabeth’s Hospice will benefit from a donation.


Muscles Project –  422                                                                                                                    Total Muscles voluntary hours – 16,401

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‘Talented Twelve’ Muscles volunteers deliver a new patio and pathway as part of a Martlesham Heath project.

A dozen Muscles for Charity volunteers contributed fifty hours of work in Phil and Dianne Squirrel’s rear garden area on a cloudy Saturday morning.

Phile patio team taken by Frankie

The main project involved transforming the patio leading to the garden shed and provided Steve with the opportunity to demonstrate his craftsmanship – with a little   help from his friends !

phils-job-patio-before.jpgPhils patio shed after transformtion

Phils patio Adam Ian Bernie and StevePhils patio Ed and Bernie saw

Other members of the team were equally busy extending a pathway, pruning and clearing an overgrown area of land at the rear of the garden.

Phils patio group work garden and patio

Phils patio Alan and path extensionPhils patio kev and the mixer

Phils patio Frankie

Thanks to Frances for taking the team photo and to Phil and Dianne for their donation to Ipswich Hospital Baby Bereavement Group.


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Dog Pen and Gardening job benefits Woodbridge Mayor’s charities (UK Team)

A team of 12 volunteers gathered in Parham, rural Suffolk, England, on the last day of August to complete a job which was organised following a successful bid for Muscles’ services at the Woodbridge Mayor’s Charity Ball earlier this year.


WhatsApp Image 2019-08-31 at 21.29.10.jpeg

(Steve Kent absent from photo)


Andrew (the successful bidder) pledged a significant amount to the Mayor’s Charity, which this year benefits both The Woodbridge Soldiers’ Fund and Woodbridge Rotary Club.

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-31 at 21.24.48

When initially organised, the job involved the construction of a fence line at the back of the property to close in a dog pen, with the potential for other general gardening work time permitting.

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-01 at 20.20.03.jpeg

The skip was full even after some ‘on top’ management.



Some words from Andrew:
“I was recently fortunate to attend a charity ball in which I successfully won a bid for a day of work from MFC.

At first I was unsure what to expect from the team at MFC, however, Nick Bentley the lead for my job swiftly contacted me to visit my home and talk me through their capabilities and discuss my requirements.

D-Day – The team at MFC arrived early on a bright and sunny Saturday, what was supposed to be a team of 9 turned into 12. They swiftly got to work. My expectation was that they would complete the dog pen by the close of the day. To my surprise, not only did they deliver a high-quality finishing product but they also managed to complete these additional tasks:

1. Rip out cricket nets
2. Cut down rotten trees.
3. Trim all hedgerows.
4. Tidy trees and bushes.
5. Cut Grass.
6. General Tidy of full garden (1.5 acres)

The work carried out by MFC can only be described as exceptional. Each member of the team was polite and had their own stories of their commitment to MFC and the great work they do.

Thank you all at MFC once again. Keep up the great work.”


Muscles Project –  421                                                                                                                     Total Muscles voluntary hours – 16,323

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Muscles (USA) volunteers tackle a ‘one-off’ project to assist Bellevue,WA octogenarians.

team at finishSummer 2019 and Muscles volunteers in the Pacific Northwest responded to a request from two senior citizens to help organize an estate sale on their behalf. The ‘set-up’ team began the process, but the story behind the headline is detailed below.

In the Spring of 2016, Judy Barlup, octogenarian and Sewing Queen from Bellevue, WA, USA decided to sell her unique collection of quilts, sewing fabric, kimono’s, books, equipment and more and invited Muscles for Charity volunteers (several featured in the photograph below) to assist during a two day ‘Gone out of Business’ sale that involved months of planning and preparation.

MFC 2015 Judy and the Fabric sale team

Jim in his garden_72dpi

Three years later Judy, and her husband Jim, (above) decided to downsize and move from their beautiful Bellevue home (after 41 years) to residential accommodation and again invited the Muscles team to work with them to plan, organize and manage an Estate Sale on their behalf.

A considerable amount of preparatory work was required ahead of the main two-day sale starting August 3rd 2019.

The team welcomed new member Kailey Ayres and, as usual, Muscles volunteers worked hard, with integrity, humour, generosity, understanding and team spirit to help make this most challenging transition a bit less stressful for Jim and Judy.

Here’s Judy’s response to the Muscles team, “Amazing!! The muscles crew did the impossible!    I can believe how little is left.
It must have been a good combination of organization, management, salesmanship,
enthusiasm etc., etc.      Whatever it took, you got it!”

2019 Barlup sale tream photo 2

Special appreciation to everyone involved in a project benefiting two senior citizens at a difficult time in their lives.  This unique challenge resulted in the team donating more than 420 voluntary work hours.

Jim and Judy’s generous donation to their chosen charity, YES (Youth Eastside Services, Bellevue) has been added to the overall list of US and Canadian charities.

Muscles Project –  420                                                                                                                     Total Muscles voluntary hours – 16,225

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