UK Muscles team ‘Spring’ into action with ‘Good job, good company – great result !’

Yeam 2    The sun shone brightly on Saturday 25th March as the (UK) Muscles team completed a garden makeover that generated goodwill, grateful appreciation and praise from the recipient, 92 year old Val, who was absolutely thrilled with the volunteers work.


From all the Humphrey family our sincere thanks to all of the muscles for charity group you have made Simon’s mum’s week she is so pleased with the results’



The morning after the Muscles volunteers completed the project, Val was delighted to open her curtains and look straight down her garden and enjoy the view.

More photographs available on the UK Muscles 2017 page. Visit

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Web visitors make 2016 a record year for Muscles for Charity.


The Muscles for Charity website was visited a record number of times during 2016. Recently released statistics by our host (WordPress) revealed that the site was viewed 5,389 times (or 15 times a day, every day !), by almost 1,500 visitors.

Five thousand of the views originated in either the UK, USA, Belgium or Canada, but other countries represented include; Uganda, Norway, Italy, South Africa, Netherlands, Kenya, Tanzania,France, Spain,Zambia, Germany, Mauritius, Australia, Ireland, India, Senegal, Denmark, Israel, Sweden, Pakistan, Ukraine, Qatar, Turkey, Malaysia, Georgia, China, Gambia, Cuba, South Korea, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Mexico, Poland, Costa Rica, Indonesia and Croatia.

At the end of 2016, volunteers had completed 379 completed projects, benefiting 130 non profits or registered charities in 12 countries with voluntary hours (not including travel) exceeding 14,200 hours.

Thanks to everyone for your commitment, hard work, friendship and humour.

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Muscles for Charity memories from previous years to welcome the New Year.

2016-7-photosTo start the New Year, a Phil Boswell production, featuring a selection of Muscles for Charity photos from previous years. Visit this link, and don’t forget to turn up your sound

Happy New Year from everyone at Muscles for Charity.

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Festive best wishes from everyone at Muscles for Charity

Festive best wishes from everyone at Muscles for Charity – the year someone at the team’s celebration party had a little too much to drink !




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UK Muscles team end 2016 with a landscaping project benefiting CRY.


Every week in the UK at least twelve young people die of un-diagnosed heart conditions. Since its formation in 1995, Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) has been working to reduce the frequency of young sudden cardiac death.

It’s a decade since Muscles for Charity were represented by Phil, Bernie, Glenna, Steve and Bish at a live auction at Suffolk Police Headquarters to raise money and awareness of CRY following the sudden death of a colleagues teenage daughter.


Fast forward to the 2017 festive season and the smiling ‘Dirty dozen’ Muscles volunteers worked on Robi and Kate’s rear garden in preparation for a major landscaping job.



Robi and Kate’s rear garden before the volunteers arrived on a cloudy Saturday morning.

Bernie’s (true story) briefing was followed by three hours of digging, leveling, breaking up concrete, moving paving slabs and general preparation for New Year landscaping work.

1210160048a 1210160149

The odd problem was resolved by prompt and professional attention.


A delighted Robi commented, “It was great to see all the guys and the work you did for us was amazing.  I must say that it was also humbling to see the amount of effort and dedication to the task that was displayed by everyone. Whilst we are aware that muscles don’t get involved in money, we will be sending our donation to CRY and will pass on a link to your website. Again, please pass on our thanks to all those who helped, it was a brilliant effort and a fun morning (……for me anyway as I wasn’t braking my back like you guys).

Visit the Cardiac Risk in the Young website at

Visit turn UP your sound and watch  how fast the team completed the project.

Alan, Ed, Bernie, Kev, Terry, Simon, Doug, Ian, Adam and Craig wish everyone a wonderful festive season on behalf of Muscles for Charity volunteers in Europe and North America.


Muscles project number 379, total voluntary hours (to date) 14,200

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Late November sunshine greets 10 Muscles volunteers working in a English country garden.


Late November and the sun shines on Kate’s rural English garden and welcomes ten Muscles for Charity volunteers on a Saturday morning. Their main mission is to                   replace a wooden fence and undertake other garden related jobs. First the fence !

img_0035 img_0037



Delighted Kate sent the following message “Thank you all so very much for what you did at the weekend.  As always, I am really pleased with the results.  The neighbours like it too so will be popping in through the new gate.Thanks, guys. Kate xx


Muscles project number 378. The last time Kate featured in a photo was job 12 !


Thanks to the team. Kate thanks for all your generous donations to charity.

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Another major Muscles milestone ! Overall voluntary hours exceed 14,000 as the UK team transform a widows garden.


An autumnal Saturday morning in eastern England.

Twelve volunteers tackle a series of jobs in a senior citizens garden and in doing so push the overall total of voluntary hours passed the 14,000 mark.




Glenys Evans, the delighted and extremely grateful recipient, pictured with the team, said “My sincere thanks to Phil and his team for all the work they did in my garden and porch on Saturday. I love gardening but after a fall and breaking my wrist in the garden in June I was unable to keep the plants under control. it is such a relief seeing the garden at rest until Spring. Best wishes, Glenys”


Included in the photograph is yet another father and son combination, Simon and Craig Grew. They are featured, with additional photos from this project, on the  UK 2016 page. Visit


377 completed projects in 12 countries, benefiting over 130 registered charities, volunteers operating in the UK, USA, Canada and Europe. Total voluntary hours 14,039. Averaging 37.23 hours per project.

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‘Suffolk Family Carers’ benefit from Muscles team garden makeover in Ipswich.

Veronica Brunsdon, the delighted recipient of the latest Muscles for Charity garden makeover, (featured in the centre of the above photograph) commented after the transformation,
“Please pass on my sincere and heartfelt thanks to everyone who came for my ‘makeover’ today. They are such a lovely bunch of people and have again done a wonderful job.  I am so pleased with it.”
Eleven volunteers took part. (Bernie, David and Steve featured but are not shown in the team  photograph.)
The makeover included, but was not restricted to,digging up and removing two Rosemary bushes and an olive tree, clearing ivy from the eves of neighbour’s garage, hedge trimming, staining fence panels, moving 2 tonnes of pea shingle from the front of the house to the rear, spreading it over existing shingle on the raised bedding and raking level, cleaning the patio and brickwork, repairing and installing security lights.
Muscles for Charity project number 376.          Total volunteer hours – 13,999
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Muscles for Charity project based at an English village dating back to the 11th century.

The village of Cretingham in Suffolk dates back to the 11th century with an entry in the 1086 Domesday Book. Dominating the village crossroads, the Church of St Peter dates from 1300 and is a grade II* listed building . The 400 year old village pub, Cretingham Bell, provided a suitable venue (and extremely well deserved pint of local produce) for the team as they debriefed the days activities.


Earlier in the day  11 Muscles for Charity volunteers arrived at Sasha’s rural home to assist  with a range of jobs, including; removing all the furniture from the lounge into the garden, fitting a new carpet, replacing the furniture; moving bedroom furniture, modifying the height of the master bed, adjusting the layout of another room to accommodate an electrically adjustable bed; constructing flat-pack kitchen storage shelving and fitting additional bookshelves.




Sasha’s heartfelt appreciation reflected the joy as a very talented seamstress, and a woman full of determination, with an incredible fighting spirit.






Appreciation from our beaming recipient, Sha,             “Gosh Phil!
Just a brilliant morning, a wonderful transformation, thanks so much for doing all the things I can no longer do and were annoying me and making life difficult.
Please say thank you so much to all of you. I will be making a donation to Macmillan
Sha “

Not featured in the team photo are Dave Dring and (Team Photographer) Phil Boswell. Muscles for Charity Project Number 375.     Total volunteer hours 13,945


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Saturday 24th September – unusual Muscles jobs in Kesgrave, UK and Bellevue, USA


Carole (above) is a keen gardener and, some time ago, installed an additional down pipe from her roof guttering to fill her water butt at her Kesgrave, UK home.
The unfortunate consequence of that was that she ended up with a flooded garden, as the  builder of her house only fitted one other down pipe for the four adjoining houses. Clearly insufficient for their needs.
Carole decided that she no longer wanted ANY water from the roof, so the solution was simple, block the down pipe.
Enter Muscles specialists,  Bernie and Nick with ladder and tennis ball.                                  Job done, in minutes!


At the same time and thousands of miles away, members of the US Muscles team and Ed (visiting from London) were involved in the Olympic Games.

0924161455d The Ardmore Elementary Olympic Games held in Bellevue, WA involved hundreds of children, with assistance and support provided by Sheri and Fred, Glenna, Ed and Bish.



                        Muscles Project 373 (Kesgrave) and Project 374 (Bellevue, WA)                                                                                         Total voluntary hours 13,390




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