A Job Well Done in Trimley St Mary (UK)

On an overcast but dry Suffolk Saturday morning at Trimley St Mary, seven MFC volunteers responded to a successful bid at the recent ‘Inspire Suffolk’ Charity Auction.


In a great tie up, MFC donated their services to Inspire Suffolk’s annual Charity Auction as a prize, resulting in Kevin and Claire making a sizable bid to secure their services.



The garden clearance request included the dismantling of a garden shed, which was disposed of into a large skip on site.


The regular MFC team greeted new volunteer Clive Benneworth on his first job – a warm welcome to Clive.


The job was completed with the usual humor and camaraderie.

Missing from the below is Mr Boswell, who was joining the team and Claire in their catalog poses from behind the camera.


Muscles project number – 408                                                                                                           Total voluntary hours – 15,475

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“You always make such a difference to the garden when you come” – volunteers transform garden.

On a beautiful autumnal Saturday in Sudborne 8 volunteers descended on the annual garden maintenance job for Kate.




The team tackled the usual trimming of hedges and trees in the front and back garden but didn’t shy from the challenge of removing the brick flower bed from the front garden in order to transform it into a much tidier bed of stones.



The team was rewarded with slices of Kate’s world famous Lemon Drizzle cake.


This job resulted in donations for the Woodbridge Soldiers Fund, Royal British Legion, Ipswich Hospital Cancer Information Unit, and a local young man raising money to join an expedition to Africa.

In addition to this, Adam and Richard managed to help a lost passer-by in finding her accommodation. The kind action prompted a donation to British Heart Foundation!

Muscles project number – 407                                                                                                           Total voluntary hours – 15,463




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Muscles for Charity features at the ‘Inspire’ silent Auction at Milsons, near Ipswich on Friday 5th November 2018

Thanks for visiting the Muscles for Charity webpage. Our volunteers operate in the UK, USA, Belgium, and Canada and have completed projects for 130 different charities and non-profits over the last twenty years in 10 different countries.

We donated our services to ‘Inspire Suffolk’s‘ charity silent auction on Friday 2nd November 2018. Muscles for Charity offered the winning bidder the opportunity to undertake a complete a project for them. For example -constructing a fence or shed, making over a garden, laying paving slabs, clearing out a garage – the team will leave you with a smile on your face.
The team subsequently arranged for two successful bidders to have projects completed with the money going direct to ‘Inspire’.

Please feel free to browse this website for examples of previous jobs for inspiration and ideas on what we could achieve in your garden, house or shed. If you have any queries about the suitability of the job you have in mind, please check the video (featured below) for contact details.


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‘Its amazing. I can’t believe the difference you’ve made” as nine Muscles volunteers complete a pensioners dream !

Felixstowe pensioner, Debs, is assisted by Alan Seaman as she places the final slab in a new garden feature built by the Muscles team on Saturday 6th October 2018.
DSC01902.jpegNine volunteers, lead for the first time by Adam Osborne, worked for several hours to help transform the rear garden of her Felixstowe home.

In addition to clearing parts of the garden, (above), the team’s combination of hard work and good humour, resulted in a wooden pergola being constructed, plus a circular pattern of paving slabs surrounded by shingle inside a rectangular base.

DSC01908.jpegSpecial thanks to everyone concerned, especially Steve for ‘overseeing’ the sundial construction, Adam for his prep work and leadership and Phil (not in the picture) for organizing the refreshments.

The delighted Debs subsequently wrote – “Once again I can’t thank you enough for the miracle you performed in my garden. All of my friends are also suitably impressed and amazed. The pergola is already decked out with lights and will be covered weird and wonderful stuff shortly..
Once I have a final bill for materials I shall be making a donation to Blue Cross. Many, many thanks and it was a pleasure to meet you all.

DSC01910.jpegFinally a special mention and note of thanks to ‘Vera‘ ! As the team were well staffed, they were also able to complete some garden clearance tasks and remove unwanted items to the local tip, in the back of Nick’s trusty Volvo, ‘Vera’.  A Muscles life-saver on many occasions.

Muscles project number – 405                                                                                                           Total voluntary hours – 15,342



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Twelve volunteers involved in garden makeover for Sammamish, WA seniors.

Team photo with Glenna (2)

An overcast early Fall Saturday morning in Sammamish, WA and twelve Muscles volunteers, plus two enthusiastic young members, completed a garden makeover for Alan and Jeanie Mebane.

The team included Spokane based, Neal Skaufel (277 miles from home) and Muscles co-founder, East End Ed – 4,782 miles from his London home.

The before and after photos (above) only show the front of the project. The team worked on all four sides of the detached house, causing Alan and Jeanie to remark, ” Yeaah Muscles Team!  What a splendid job everyone did, individually and collectively “.

Footnote, as Muscles for Charity celebrates its 20th anniversary, this project marks the fact that all the founding members have now completed jobs in the UK, USA and Belgium.

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Muscles team at the seaside use an alligator during a garden makeover, but no bucket and spades or fish ‘n chips on the beach !

Felixstowe beach (2)Felixstowe beach on a beautiful summer weekend morning.  Relaxing and bracing.

A short distance from the beach nine Muscles volunteers removed and disposed of a number of conifers from a pensioners garden. Photo (below) features Diana’s garden before the team arrived.

Felixstowe before May 2018


The job was made easier with the use of an Alligator (also known as a ‘farm jack’ ), donated by the recipient of a job earlier this year and much appreciated given the unusually high temperatures this summer – and that Saturday in particular.
Alligators first outing

The conifers were disposed of in one journey to Felixstowe Municipal Recycling centre, where the helpful supervisor recognized the MFC Charity status and made no charge.

The charity benefiting from the teams efforts was National Ankylosing Spondilitus Society, close to the heart of the delighted recipient, Diana.        Nice job, guys !

MFC Felixstowe team behind the fence


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‘Mates’ complete Muscles fencing project

Daisy Cottage Campsea AsheSpring tree and shrub growth beside this rural cottage required the attention and strength of Muscles ‘mates’ during a scorching two part clearance that coincided with the final stages of the 2018 World Cup competition.

Special thanks from Adam and Katie to Bernie, Kevin, David, Ian, Alan T, Nick, Ed and Phil.

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Muscles at Martlesham (UK) complete a garden make over.

MFC Martlesham June team photo with Tricia

Meet the ‘Gang of 8’ (not including photographer Bernie Morgan) Muscles volunteers who descended on Tricia Higgins bungalow in Martlesham on Saturday 9th June. Working like a well oiled machine they quickly undertook the prepared list of tasks presented by the host – Tricia.

Supplied with tea/coffee and cake the team worked tirelessly to make sure the garden makeover was up to the teams high standards.

Bernie commented, ‘I am always impressed of how the team compliments each other’s abilities, consuming any and all tasks with such tenacity and guile !’

Tricia commented, ” Great to see everyone again and a MASSIVE THANK YOU for all your hard work, I have to keep going into the garden and looking how different it is! Once again, please pass on my thanks and best wishes to all the team”.

Bonus of the day – the team completed a recce for Tricia’s neighbour, Pat, and quickly assessed that the they could complete the job there and then (removal of a massive overgrown shrub and 3 inch thick ivy ).

Tricia generous donation add a new name to the growing list of charities and non profits benefiting from the teams work – Hillside Animal Research.

Bernie and Tricia Black and DEcker sawTricia also donated a new ‘Alligator’ Black and Decker saw to the Muscles team. On behalf of the team, Bernie thanked Tricia for the saw which will now be used to benefit other recipients of Muscles work.


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Saturday 12th May – Muscles records shattered as team members top 15,000 voluntary hours, 400 projects and celebrate 20 years !

Saturday 12th May 2018 represented a landmark  for Muscles for Charity.

Teams of volunteers working in three different countries contributed in excess of 230 hours of work resulting in our overall total reaching above 15,000 voluntary hours and completed projects topping 400 jobs.  All this as we celebrate our 20th anniversary year.

Congratulations and appreciation to everyone involved on this historic day.

WP_20140501_008In Belgium an international team worked at the 12th century Tongerlo Monastery, (featured above) whilst a large UK team transformed a garden in Ipswich. As the Belgian and British teams completed their projects the sun was rising over the Pacific Northwest of the USA where volunteers replaced railroad ties in a driveway at Kirkland, WA.

In 2018, the Monastery is celebrating its 888 year anniversary. Joining the Belgian Muscles team were volunteers from the UK and USA. Together fifteen people tackled a series of projects inside the monastery’s extensive walled gardens under the guidance of Brother Gabriel, featured (below) with Barry and Suzanne from the USA, Ed from the UK and Belgian ‘Captain’ Johan.

MFC Brother Gabriel and team members BEST

The task of transforming areas of the monastery gardens involved the usual mix of fun, friendship and humour.

MFC Rob and Johan strimming

MFC Workparty team photo

Brother Gabriel commented on the Muscles activity,

‘Muscles for charity did it again in Tongerlo Abbey: great work in the garden
with a smile and very helpfull last Saturday.
In name of the abbot and the whole community thank you very much for your work
and your friendship.
All the best greetings from Tongerlo,

fr. Gabriël
honorymember of Muscles for Charity

Additional information and photographs feature on the 2018 Muscles Belgium page – visit https://musclesforcharity.wordpress.com/belgium/belgium2018/


In Ipswich, UK, the Muscles volunteers worked with representatives from Rotary to transform a rear garden area.  (Two photos before the project started below)

MFC team in progress

Muscles co-founder, Phil Boswell, provides and insight to the project and the volunteers,
“Personally, I don’t think they do justice to how hard the whole team worked. Every single one of them was magnificent and they were very ably assisted by 5 additional staff, supplied by Ipswich Rotary Club (a really friendly bunch, with MFC-like enthusiasm and application)”.
Additional information and photographs feature on the 2018 Muscles UK page – visit https://musclesforcharity.wordpress.com/muscles-uk/uk-2018/

MFC plus Rotary team

117 hours of work were donated by the Muscles volunteers and five Rotary members.  The client (via our Rotary friends) was Leone who is featured with her year old baby and mother.


On the west coast of the USA a smaller team were busy removing ageing railroad ties in a driveway entrance and replaced them with concrete slabs.  The before, during and after sequence is shown below.

Frank, Amy, Susan, Glenna and Bish’s Saturday morning work out resulted in a donation to a local pet shelter, Homeward Pet Adoption Center in Woodinville, WA.

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Running, Biking, walking – Muscles members involved in charity and community events during the first weekend of May 2018 – in two countries.

arTDC logoMuscles for Charity volunteers have been involved in raising money and awareness for American Diabetes since 2004. The Tour de Cure is a series of fund-raising cycling events held in forty states nationwide to benefit the American Diabetes Association.

The ride can be challenging, but is not a race. Each location’s ride routes are designed for everyone from the occasional rider to the experienced cyclist. In the Pacific Northwest riders chose from routes covering 100, 63, 30 or 12 miles. This year Glenna, Amy, Frank and Bish chose to operate a Rest Stop in the beautiful Snohomish River Valley countryside of Washington State. (Photo features the scene at 5am)

TDC Snohomish Valley at 5am

Rest Stop Team_Amy_Bish_FrankTDC Lunch edited

Fun at the Rest Stop and complimentary refreshment for all volunteers at the conclusion of the event at Chateau St Michelle winery in Woodinville.


In western Washington, Spokane hosted the annual Bloomsday ‘Run or Walk’ 12k event which attracted over 42,000 registered entrants, from international professional runners to families and children. Bloomsday 2018 logo

The logo on the guys black t shirt in the photo (above) is ‘The End is Beer’

The charity event raises money and awareness for a number of local non-profit organizations. The ‘Muscles contingent’ was again led by Muscles and Bloomsday Veteran, Neal Skaufel who completed his 30th run since 1987. The photo features three generations of his family and Muscles members Steve and Amy Milliken.

Bloomsday bunch - Neal his ladies Steve and Amy


At the same time, 4,662 miles away, four Muscles members were taking part in the Kesgrave 5k Fun Run, proudly wearing their tee shirts from the 2017 ‘Brit Invasion of the Pacific Northwest’.  True Story.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved in the events, combining the Muscles ethos of volunteering and supporting non profits.

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