Muscles for Charity volunteers are proud of their record of never handling any money.

The following pages provide lists of projects, by year, undertaken by Muscles teams in the UK, USA, Canada and Belgium. The lists include brief details on the job, the location, number of volunteers involved and the hours for each project.

Please note that the record of hours, does not include any travelling time to and from the project. 

During the autumn of 2018, the team passed the milestone of 15,300 voluntary hours, involving over 400 different projects and benefiting over 130 registered charities (or non-profits)  in nine different countries.

Projects are listed by year.

The ‘menu’ below originated from a recipient of a 2009 project in Constitution Hill, Ipswich, who very kindly listed her requirements.  This enabled the team to measure their progress and ‘match her requirements’.

MFC Checklist