USA 2005

The first Muscles USA project took place on a wet Saturday morning in 2005 in Redmond.

Members of the team from across the State volunteered to clean Pam Kelly’s garage after she make the winning bid at East Side Domestic Violence Auction.   The success of the Redmond job led to Renee Maher successfully bidding for the Muscles team to replace her Federal Way deck in 2006.  The slide presentation features the 2005 garage clearance, plus a ‘taster’ of the Federal Way job (visit USA 2006 for complete slideshow) and the teams subsequent involvement in the Tour de Cure cycle challenge(s).

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While the Redmond project was being completed, on the other side of the City and into the foothills, lakes and country roads, Ody Larson was cycling hard in the American Diabetes Association annual ‘Tour de Cure’ cycle challenge. Each year the ride attracts hundreds of riders and invites them to chose a ride which is suitable to their bike skills.  Muscles team members have completed 15, 20, 50, 75 and 100 mile rides in the years between 2005 and 2009.

 TDC Redmond

In 2007, Ody generated the fifth largest donation for American Diabetes in the Pacific Northwest.  Great job.

Other regular Muscles team riders featured in the photograph are Bish, Glenna, Del Spivey and Bill Larson.