Belgium 2015

For a decade the Belgium Muscles team have built an outstanding reputation for their generosity and hospitality.  As a result of the 2014 project at Tongerlo Abbey, US Muscles team members Frank and Amy Soto extended an invitation to the Belgians to visit the Pacific Northwest of the USA and enjoy ‘American Hospitality’.

The offer was accepted and for three weeks in August 2015, Johan, Else, Evelien and Lissa, Rob, Ann and Marieke toured the west coast from California to Canada while based at Frank and Amy’s house in Issaquah near Seattle.


V__98B8Rob fails to spot the “Black Capri’ shirt !WP_20150801_082

Johan, Lissa and Evelien spot the ‘doctored’ beer and wine list at Issaquah Brew House.

Outrageous fun on the Oregon coast sand dunes for both families.

WP_20150802_098Rob’s lifetime ambition fulfilled as he plays with an American Band at a State Park, and Johan points to the person responsible for the holidays best ‘gotcha’.






Seven hikes in six days, dune buggy racing in Oregon, zip trekking in the Rocky mountain area of Whistler, Canada – its all a bit too much for Captain Johan !

2015 Johan



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