Muscles UK

In Suffolk –
  • Steve Kent
  • John Bishop
  • Bernie Dines
  • Al Cameron
  • Phil Boswell
  • Ed Usher
  • Simon Grew
  • Bernie Morgan
  • Alastair McWhirter
  • Alan Townsend
  • Richard Bainbridge
  • Will Townsend
  • Sophie Morgan
  • David Farnworth
  • Adam Osborne
  • Doug Payne
  • Jodie Bentley
  • George Bentley
  • Deanna Bentley
  • Terry Titmus
  • Becky Kent
  • Sam Jolly
  • Peter Krolik
  • Colin Booker
  • Glenna Trout
  • Dave Dring
  • Tony Spry
  • Jason Johnson
  • Sue Alexander
  • Kevin Farnworth
  • Tina Kent
  • Elaine Seaman
  • Alan Seaman
  • Charlotte Palmer
  • Chris Johnson
  • Sarah Townsend
  • Richard Crabtree
  • Nick Bentley
  • Colleen Morgan
  • Kate Osborne
  • Rachel Osborne
  • Ian Bishop
  • Craig Grew
  • Will Townsend
  • David Seaman
  • Clive Benneworth
  • Nicola Greenfield
  • Finn Grew
  • Kieron Grew
In Cheshire –
  • John Boswell,
  • Sue Alexander
  • Tina Royles
  • Graham Cross
  • Jon Caulfield
  • Lee Howells
  • Mark Huxley
  • Paul Donaghy

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  • Paul Bickerton
  • Rob Milnes
  • Garry Stoll
  • Stephen Mc Cormick
  • Lee McGarity
  • Vicki Boswell
  • Jon Gatley
  • James Bell
  • Johnathan Hill
  • Mike Hobson

International Muscles Team members who have worked with the UK team:

  • Steve Milliken – Muscles USA – Seattle
  • Amy Milliken – Muscles USA – Seattle
  • John Marx – Muscles USA – Denver
  • Sharron Lyons – Muscles Canada
  • Sandy Bosma – Muscles Canada
  • Sam Jolly – Muscles Australia
  • Stef  Vekemams – Muscles Belgium
  • Leen Vekemams – Muscles Belgium
  • Johan Rens – Muscles Belgium
  • Robert Verhaegen – Muscles Belgium
  • Chris Manos – Muscles USA – Denver

A glimpse of how Muscles for Charity operates is provided by this 2010 exerpt from the Cheshire based team;

“During the summer of the Cheshire based team, under the leadership of John Boswell, were in action again raising a staggering £800 for St.Lukes Hospice just by giving 12 hours of their time. The team completed two projects for different people who had each bid £400 at a Charity Auction at the end of May.

The team had been ‘a Lot’ at the auction and had agreed to give up to 30 person hours of labour to the winning bidder, but, as there were two bidders both wanting the Lot, the auctioneer suggested that each should have the services of the team and both give £400 to St.Lukes, therefore doubling the monies raised for the one Lot.

The first job was to re-point a patio in Nantwich, the team consisting of John Boswell, Jon Caulfield, Lee McGarity, Garry Stoll and Paul Donaghy arrived at the property on a very hot Saturday morning and commenced with the arduous task chipping out old mortar from between the patio flags, an hour later they then started to re-point the flags. After a good five hours the task had been completed and the owner extremely happy with the job, and a few of the firefighters happy with the sunburn!

The second job took place about a month later in Wybunbury, near Crewe, five volunteers once again gave up their Saturday morning to paint some internal doors, skirting boards and radiators. John Boswell, Lee McGarity, Mark Huxley, Jon Gatley and Vicki Boswell (Students) all prepared the woodwork then painted for five hours until all had been completed”.

Brief details and pictures of Muscles for Charity jobs undertaken by the UK based volunteers are archived by year.

We hope that you enjoy a ‘walk down memory lane’ as you review your favourite projects, people and places.