Seattle records wettest March ever, but Muscles volunteers work on

More than half an inch of rain fell in Bellevue, WA as Muscles volunteers contributed over 70 hours of labor on Saturday 29th March. In addition to getting soaked, the team  constructed a new storage shed, and cleaned, cleared and created new features in the grounds of Trail House for Helping Hands for the Disabled.




While Cyrus, Eric and Bill were primarily responsible for constructing the new storage shed, other members of the team were busy cleaning and improving the yard area.


WP_20140329_104The large and well used deck area was thoroughly washed and cleaned.



In addition new french drains were added to remove surface water and cinder blocks positioned to improve safety.


Until the weather improves, the new Storage Shed remains covered with tarpaulins.





Despite the rain, members of the team were able to enjoy beer donated by Colorado Muscles volunteer, John Marx, as a result of the ‘Hawks’ defeating the ‘Bronco’s.’

Anyone with an ‘eagle eye’ might have noticed the new Muscles team member in a couple of photos. He is also a ‘Hawk’s fan, but not old enough to drink beer !  Visit the Muscles USA 2014 page, or following this link for more information –

Thanks to everyone for their commitment and stamina throughout a very wet day, and finally a quote from Cheryl Jordan, CEO at Helping Hands for the Disabled,               “Loved seeing the work pictures – what a miserably rainy day but you and your team still managed to smile. Truly incredible.Words can never properly express our gratitude”.

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