‘Talented Twelve’ Muscles volunteers deliver a new patio and pathway as part of a Martlesham Heath project.

A dozen Muscles for Charity volunteers contributed fifty hours of work in Phil and Dianne Squirrel’s rear garden area on a cloudy Saturday morning.

Phile patio team taken by Frankie

The main project involved transforming the patio leading to the garden shed and provided Steve with the opportunity to demonstrate his craftsmanship – with a little   help from his friends !

phils-job-patio-before.jpgPhils patio shed after transformtion

Phils patio Adam Ian Bernie and StevePhils patio Ed and Bernie saw

Other members of the team were equally busy extending a pathway, pruning and clearing an overgrown area of land at the rear of the garden.

Phils patio group work garden and patio

Phils patio Alan and path extensionPhils patio kev and the mixer

Phils patio Frankie

Thanks to Frances for taking the team photo and to Phil and Dianne for their donation to Ipswich Hospital Baby Bereavement Group.


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