15 UK volunteers involved in triple fencing project

One week after enjoying Belgian hospitality and working at a Belgian Monastery, fifeteen members of the UK Muscles team were busy erecting three fences at Grange Farm, Kesgrave during the period 10-12th May 2014.Bish163

The usual ‘Muscles’ mix of friendship, hard work and a determination to complete the job ahead of inclement weather blended to provide impressive results.Bish094Bish361

The Belgium ‘Muscles Marine’ unit (Rich and Nick) became the UK ‘Muscles Moving’ unit as they made numerous trips to the nearby disposal unit with greenery and rotten wood.Bish267

Bish017      The team photograph features the longest of the three fences.  Great job. Thanks team.Bish356

Congratulations to David Farnworth (presented with his Muscles shirt by founder member Bernie Morgan) and a warm welcome to Rachel Osborne joining the team.

The final stages of the work were completed on Monday 12th May, thanks to Adam, Alan Seaman, Alan Townsend, Lee, Phil, Bernie, Elaine, Glenna and Bish.WP_20140512_006IMG-20140518-00332(1)               Chosen charity – McMillan Nursing.

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